Team 16 • Implementing OpenPLCs into a Cyber Defense Competition


Progammable logic controllers (PLCs) are relatively simple devices that are most commonly used to control machinery in assembly lines. Because of their simplicity, versatility, and ruggedness, PLCs have become popular in many industries. Team 16's project is impelement PLCs and their vulnerabilities in a Cyber Defence Competition (CDC).

CDCs are events that place teams of students into scenarios where they are to secure their given systems and utilities as well as they can. These teams are called blue teams. Throughout the competition, scenarios change and challenges arise as a team of people attempt to maliciously access and attack the blue teams. These people are known as red team.

The implementation of PLCs into the competition depends on the software OpenPLC. OpenPLC is a project designed to make the robustsness of PLCs to a more accessble market. The software emulates multiple PLCs digitally on anything as simple as an Arduino or Raspberry Pi. These PLCs will interact with another piece of software called Factory I/O. Factory I/O visually emulates a factory floor, allowing the user to build their own assembly line with a multitude of different parts and machinery. This software is able to connect over the network to an emulated PLC, creating a completely programmable emulated factory.

OpenPLC Project
Factory I/O